Internal Regulations

These Internal Regulations (hereinafter the “Regulations”) are intended for visitors to The Mint Brussels (hereinafter the “Shopping Centre”) and apply to the entire Shopping Centre. The Regulations apply during the following opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays (except in exceptional circumstances). The shopping centre is managed by AG Real Estate Property Management S.A., whose registered office is located at 1000 Brussels, Avenue des Arts 58 (hereinafter the “Manager”).

  1. Every person entering the mall acknowledges, accepts and complies with (the provisions of) these regulations. Visitors who do not comply with these regulations and/or are guilty of nuisance, vandalism or violence are requested to leave the shopping centre immediately
  2. The management cannot be held liable in case of theft or accident.
  3. It is forbidden to hand out flyers, conduct surveys or to conduct itinerant trade without prior permission from the manager. This applies both in the shopping centre and at the entrances and exits. Begging is always prohibited.
  4. The building is equipped with camera surveillance in both the publicly accessible and private parts. Camera surveillance – Law of 21 March 2007
  5. There is a general smoking and vaping ban in the mall.
  6. Animals are not allowed, except for assistance animals for the people who need it.
  7. It is prohibited to enter the mall with bicycles, scooters, skateboards or other means of transport unless they are carried or pushed.
  8. For security reasons, leaving items unattended is prohibited. Lost property will be kept for 30 days and can be collected from security upon presentation of an identity card.
  9. To ensure the peace and enjoyment of the shopping centre, ball games and other games are prohibited.
  10. It is not allowed to soil or damage the shopping centre, their accessories, or the planting. Use should be made of the provided waste bins to deposit user waste. Hiding waste at all time and everywhere is prohibited.
    The waste rooms are for internal use only. They should only be used by shop staff to deposit waste from the shops. Depositing household waste is considered illegal dumping. In case of violation, the mall reserves the right to report to the official authorities
  11. In order not to interfere with the correct operation of the security installation, it is forbidden to enter the mall with helium balloons.
  12. Sitting on the ground is not allowed. Goods purchased within the shopping centre can be consumed here (ref; Ice creams, coffee, soft drinks, …).
  13. The consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the designated terraces of the catering establishments is not permitted.
  14. A gathering of several people causing a nuisance and/or blocking passages is always prohibited.
  15. Access to the shopping centre shall be denied or refused to persons who:
    1. are apparently under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other narcotic substance;
    2. cause a nuisance, disturb order or incite violence;
    3. resist control by security agents;
    4. be in possession of a prohibited weapon or dangerous object;
    5. violate the provisions of these Internal Order Regulations and/or refuse to follow the guidelines.

    Terms of access prohibition are determined by the manager and may range from a minimum of 1 month to permanent denial of access to the mall.

  16. Blocking emergency and/or fire doors is prohibited. As is blocking service and emergency exits.
  17. The use of amplified music and/or musical instruments is not allowed, unless authorised by the manager.
  18. For safety reasons, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person unless they have written permission from the manager. Group supervisors must be clearly identifiable. Supervisors must keep a constant eye on the immediate surroundings of their group/child.
  19. It is forbidden to take photographs and/or moving images without prior permission from the management.
  20. The presence of security does not relieve visitors of their own responsibility, including towards third parties.
  21. If these rules are violated, you will be questioned by security and/or the manager, who will take certain measures to limit the nuisance. If necessary, the police will be alerted and the shopping centre reserves the right to file a complaint with the official authorities.