Aksum Coffee

Aksum Coffee House is the place for a fresh Ethiopian coffee. Whether you prefer a strong double espresso or a smooth caffè latte, the taste is really different. Our coffee is entirely organic and made from single grain origin.

Our Marzocco espresso machine, our Mazzer mills and our trained baristas are the guarantee of quality coffee.

We offer more than just coffee. For example, try our African / fair drinks: Senegalese herbal teas, Baobab health drinks, Ivory Coast soft drinks, South African wines and Ethiopian beer.  Our cakes are made in a small local bakery.

While sipping your coffee, you can take a look at our exhibitions by various artists, often on African themes. We also organize Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Breakfast.

Free Wifi

Opening hours :
10h -19h
open on sunday


Mint & Basil

Our ultimate aim at Mint and Basil is to help you enjoy healthy and well-balanced meals, without sacrificing the taste or the pleasure of eating! Our dishes are guaranteed natural 100 %, but also Belgian 100 %! Our mission: your satisfaction !

Tel : 02 354 72 17

Opening hours  :
7h – 20h Monday-Friday
8h – 19h Saturday & Sunday


Coffee Fellows

“Feel at home”…! Forget love … fall in coffee! Coffee for falling in love, this is the core of Coffee Fellows. Latte Macchiato in all imaginable variations, classical coffee drinks like Espresso, Cappuccino and Café Latte are experienced coffee passion for us. Our second trademark are, beyond doubt, our bagels. No other coffee shop will serve you such a wide selection of heartily filled bagels freshly, entirely according to your wishes. Try also Chai Tea, sweets, fresh drinks, breakfast & special winter or summer meat

Opening hours :
7h30– 20h Monday-Friday
8h-21h Saturday
9h – 20h Sunday



Galét, an ode to fine food and innovation « Made in Belgium »

We will tempt you with our delicious and authentic products, including our warm, sweet waffles in a range of flavors, which are certain to delight your taste buds.

A new range of savory waffles now complements our gourmet offer by perfectly blending appearance and taste, through the combination of an excellent product sumptuously presented by our Chef.



100% FRESH! Since his very first creations, Leonidas’ recipe for success is based on the virtue of impeccable freshness. Today, Leonidas makes more than 100 varieties of Belgian chocolates of the highest quality and freshness – never using frozen products and always using chocolate made of 100% pure cocoa butter.

THE NOBILITY OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS ! Only ingredients of the finest quality are used in the making of Leonidas pralines: real Belgian chocolate make the base of each creation, fresh butter, fresh cream, milk cream, hazelnuts from Turkey, Morello cherries from the Périgord, almonds from Italy and Valencias oranges, just to name a few.

Tel : 02 657 16 00

Opening hours :
8h30 – 19h30 Monday-Friday
9h30 – 19h30 Saturday



Valentime’s is the ideal place for your breakfast or a quick lunch lunch in the center of Brussels. We offer a wide range of drinks and pastries cooked on the spot the same day for the morning and a large selection of sandwiches and panini for lunch.

Tel : 02 218 21 40

Opening hours :
7h30 – 19h, Monday-Friday
9h – 19h Saturday

Fidelity : Joyn, Qustomer et Citylife



Welcome to Vitalgaufre, an authentic Belgian establishment specialised in waffles. Since 1998, we have made it our mission to introduce the world to the delightful Liège waffle, the epitome of Belgium’s culinary tradition.

The Liège waffle was created in the XVIIIth century in honour of the city’s prince-bishop. Glazed to perfection, delicately caramelised, smelling ever so sweetly of vanilla and deliciously moist and crispy with every single bite.

Prepared exclusively with natural ingredients and still made by hand to this day, Vitalgaufre’s recipe has never been altered, and for twenty years now we have been following it to the letter… Now that’s what you call tradition.

Opening hours :
10h- 19h30 Monday-Saturday


You wok

A healthy and balanced cuisine.

A millennial tradition revised in a trendy Asian concept.

Eating fast but healthy is a challenge that many try to master on a daily basis. A good part of specialities of Asian cuisine seem to have many nutritional virtues that Youwok swears by, in combining its concept with the custom-tailored principle, thereby featuring more than 200 ways to use the Wok, from trimmings to sauce via the basic product: delicious noodles or a nice fragrant rice. Enjoy!

Opening hours :
Monday – Thursday : 10h30 – midnight
Friday & Saturday till 2h
Sunday 11h – 23h


Weyn's Honing Miel

In 1968, Weyn’s Honey Company originated at the hands of Edmond Weyn, a former dairy man from the Flemish “Waasland” region.

Weyn developed a taste for honey and launched his plan in Beveren-Waas, where the first establishment still serves her purpose as production atelier today. Weyn’s Honey Company succeeded in positioning itself as one of the most important Belgian enterprises in the honey business, something which was made possible thanks to the high standards in terms of quality and respect for the bee, two priorities that have remained in place throughout the years.

Based on this same conviction and with Hugo Willems at the head of our enterprise, Weyn’s Honey Company has expanded its assortment to over sixty different types of honey!

Our company strives for quality and attempts to resist the mass produce that threatens to disfigure the honey business more and more. We view honey as a delicate agricultural product, for those who really want real honey.

Tel : 02 511 36 57

Opening hours
10h- 19h Monday-Saturday
Friday 10h – 19h30