Meeting place for shopping, cultural activities and tourist attractions

The Mint is strategically situated at the Place de la Monnaie, recently fully renovated. Formerly the epicentre of culture in Belgium, this site is part of history, with its Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, one of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe and the cradle of the Belgian Revolution of 1830.

The Place de la Monnaie is an ideal place to meet for the main tourist and cultural attractions of the historic city centre of Brussels (Grand-Place, Rue des Fripiers, etc.) as well as for the incredible shopping offer a capital such as Brussels has to provide (Anspach, Rue Neuve, City2). Located at the end of the Rue Neuve, The Mint is the place to feel all the excitement at the very heart of this unique historic core that is the Brussels city centre.